(or US QWERTY Plus International)
keyboard layout

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Your US keyboard — upgraded but still the same

A better United States-International keyboard

with Intelligent Diacritics and Dead Keys Autocorrection System (IDDKAS) built-in.

Bridging the gap between 
American, British, Canadian, French, and European
keyboard layouts.

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It’s an easy-to-use all-in-one international keyboard layout software driver that is virtually identical to the standard US QWERTY keyboard layout in Windows. Basically it is a new unofficial version of the American English keyboard and an improvement/alternative version of the US-International keyboard layout driver found in Windows.


Once downloaded and installed, it can work outside of word processing programs such as Microsoft Word, and it does not require an internet connection.

Currently for Microsoft Windows only


This keyboard layout allows you to quite easily type with a few keystrokes:

•  Em dashes and en dashes  (— –) and smart quotes and the curved apostrophe (“” ’) which are all important in English writing, and especially required in fine English and French typography. No need to always rely on the autocorrection systems in word processing programs; they can sometimes be inconsistent and give errors such as ‘90s instead of the correct ’90s.

•  Characters found in a United Kingdom Extended keyboard layout (á é í ó ú ẃ ý ¨ ~ ^ ç ¬ ¦ £ €) so that your US keyboard is now a UK keyboard. No need to buy a UK keyboard just to type the British pound sign (£) and learn new placements of the £ @ 3 # ~ ` ¦ ¬ keys.

•  Non-breaking spaces NBSP (U+00A0), narrow non-breaking spaces (U+202F), thin spaces (U+2009), hair spaces, and even non-breaking hyphens and soft hyphens

•  Many languages with the Latin alphabet (Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Swedish, Polish)

•  All sorts of accented letters and ligatures (é è ê ë œ æ ç ú ł ñ ß å ð ż č ĥ ij)


•  Characters important to the French language that are almost always absent in most keyboards (œ Œ æ Æ Ÿ espace insécable, espace fine insécable, « guillemets », ‹guillemets suisses›, signe numéro, symbole degré)

•  Hanyu Pinyin with tone marks (ā á ǎ à ǖ ǘ ǚ ǜ)

•  Foreign loanwords used in English, some commonly used, some in formal writing, some for stylistic reasons (café, crème brûlée, bon appétit, fiancé, fiancée, à la carte, à la mode, piña colada, après-ski, doppelgänger, façade, naïve, limaçon)

•  Personal names and proper names, real or fictional (Khloé, Chloé, Chloë, Zoë, Brontë, Lucía, François, Éowyn, Sméagol, Nazgûl)

•  Brand names (Citroën, Škoda, Häagen-Dazs, L’Oréal, Dôme)

•  Place names that have accented letters and diacritics (Champs-Élysées, São Paulo, Cañon City, Colorado)

•  Band names which have “metal umlauts” and other weird letters and symbols (BØRNS, CHVRCHΞS)

•  Almost all of the currency symbols currently in use in the world, plus even some cryptocurrency symbols (¤ € £ ¥ ¢ ₱ ¢ ₨ ₹ ₪ ﷼ ₿ Ξ ⟠)

•  Copyright and trademark symbols ® © ™ ℠ and even ℗ and copyleft (ɔ)

•  Special characters including technical, programming, typographic, math, scientific symbols, and Greek letters used in science and mathematics (× ÷ ± ≠ ¬ ° ′ ″ ‴ ❧ ❦ µ α β Ω π Δ λ )

•  Unicode fractions, Unicode superscript and subscript numbers (½ ⅟₂₀₀ ¼ ¾ ⅕ ⅚ ⅐ ⅛ ⅑ ‰ ‱) 

•  Arrows, some emojis, and other useful Unicode symbols  (↑←↓→⇧⇦⇩⇨✗✓★☆☺)



Because it’s just a software driver designed to work with the US keyboard you already have, it is still QWERTY, there are no drastic changes to the keyboard, and there’s no need to…

◦ Relearn new placements of the same old keys

◦ Change your normal typing style

◦ Change your keyboard hardware

◦ Keep checking Character Map
◦ Get a numeric keypad and l
earn hard-to-remember Alt codes

◦ Add bilingual keyboard stickers that cover the keys on your backlit RGB gaming keyboard

Perfect for an increasingly multilingual and multicultural world!

France is getting a new keyboard. Why not the English-speaking world too?